Claxton provides cost-effective wellhead maintenance services – and, because we’re independent of the major wellhead manufacturers, we have experience of all types of wellhead and wellhead equipment.

Claxton has 25 years experience of working with wellheads

 “Compared to the cost of an emergency valve body sealing job, a preventative maintenance routine will quickly pay for itself”

Fast Response – Claxton can rapidly mobilise technicians to repair stuck or faulty valves.

Tailored Tooling & Service – We maintain a fleet of rapid call-off valve boring, hot tapping, and cold cutting equipment to facilitate wellhead maintenance.

Retrofit Parts – Our wellhead design department can produce retrofit parts for wellhead configurations where the manufacturer has ceased production. These replacement parts can radically extend the operating life of the equipment.

Claxton Valve Saver – Claxton supplies a proprietary synthetic lubricant with a proven record of freeing up stuck valves and extending operating life.

Complete Service – With trained technicians, 25 years of experience, a wellhead design unit that supplies full Wellhead systems and a bespoke wellhead maintenance database (WAVE), Claxton is uniquely placed to provide a complete wellhead maintenance service.
The Claxton business as we know it today was borne out of wellheads.

Long term maintenance services include:

We’ve provided maintenance services to a diverse mix of clients worldwide – all maintenance activities are supported by detailed procedures that reflect API specifications, and risk assessments that take account of recognised safety regulations.

Our team has been working with wellheads for over 25 years – a heritage which gives us working knowledge of all major types of wellhead equipment.